• Father’s Secrets

    Soon after Father’s ordination, he discovered that his own soul was at substantial risk of being sullied by the secrets of his confessors. Still, the fact remained that no matter what his ears heard, his mouth could not speak. He’d taken an oath that if a story wasn’t his to tell, he wouldn’t tell it. These

  • The Life of Karma

    A bundle of spider-web black hair held together by blood A tarnished silver ring A message.. Donald Barthelme once said that the best way to live is by not knowing what will happen to you at the end of the day. I suppose he’s right. Then again, I wouldn’t really know. My life is so

  • A Special Delivery

    Any girl who’s been there knows seventh grade is seriously the worst grade of all. Full-blown puberty is the main issue. Your breasts become the criteria by which every boy decides how beautiful you are. Whatever grade you get in that regard (A, B, C, D, Double D), you totally fail—fail to find a guy

  • Doll Eyes

    As I lie in bed, the light of the moon paints light shadows over my blanket. For the last hour, I haven’t heard Grayson stirring in his room. My red-hot anger with him has actually cooled to warm appreciation. He finished dinner with Ash and Laura to keep up appearances, though I heard him puking in

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